Welcome to the Online Library A service dedicated to students of the University of INSCAE's Distance learning community. The online library is pleased to announce that students can now access the various book catalogs.

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The Online Library's mission is to develop and manage online resources and services that meet the current and future learning, teaching, and research needs of the learning community.

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These support resources are here to help you resolve problems and make the best use of the Online Library. But if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, please contact the Online Library Enquiry Service.

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The institute is proud to help you with a complete range of journals, books, major reference books and unparalleled databases to deepen your research and progress in the field of your choice. We help you research, gather and use the information you need to strengthen your search results.

The online library publishes searches for digital information. He is particularly interested in the organization of information for the creation, discovery, access and sharing of knowledge. Research on the behavior of information in this context is also welcome. All types of digital objects are included, such as data, records, documents, and files.

You can reserve different articles like:
- Memory book
- Basic manual
- Books
- Review